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Tips for being a good teacher

Real teacher share their love!

If a person goes to the teacher and after the proposed treatment it is left untouched; ie, the patient comes out like you say it has been a good teacher? teacher And if the treatment that puts the teacher is the same as the student could self-apply would you say has been a good teacher?

Well, this is true for teachers.

If a student attending our classes like coming out (without increasing their knowledge) we would say that we are a good teacher?

If a student can obtain the increase of knowledge that will give the teacher by other means (a book, some notes, internet, ....) We would say we're a good teacher?

It is true that the teaching profession (as I suppose it occurs in others) is full of obstacles:

A much improved educational model.

Colleagues that if they are of our own department or area of ​​knowledge created in possession of the truth and if they are from another department or area of ​​knowledge we despise.

Some students (are identified because they are people younger than ours, they are in the classroom) who do not know they are, they are not interested in the least what we and they see us as a tyrant.

Parents of students who ask us a thousand explanations when their children suspended (so we are very well written examinations) and in some cases first make clear its position on certain verbal and physical expressions.

Zero recognition to the effort, motivation and work well done (I mean the teachers and the recognition by the administration, if you thought that spoke of the students)

One of the teachers think endure all this without unsubscribe depression, it is enough to be a good teacher and become a "saint-teacher".

However there is a test we can do to find out if we are a "holy-teacher" or a good teacher (plus a "saint-teacher", of course):

  • Take a person who is not a teacher, but who has the necessary knowledge about the increase of knowledge we want to lead our students (senior students who have passed the course allowed).
  • Concedámosla one day to prepare the concept and suministrémosle the necessary material (or who seeks it, is the same).
  • At the time of the demos teach the class cambiazo and put in our place selected in 1 person.
  • Have you been able to do the same as we had done?
  • If the answer to this question was yes, we are a "saint-teacher" and if that will not be a good teacher.


Because as everyone knows a good teacher is not a mere transmitter of information, that would be a merchant of existing information, and anyone with that information would be able to transmit it, even the students themselves would be able to self-medicate.

A good teacher is one who:

Encourage students. There are no magic formulas for motivation, but to see their students for what they may be interested in the subject or what applies in real life help. I know this is difficult, but if the teacher that every day is with his students, who knows what educational level they have, who knows the race or interest in continuing to study with his students and who knows the subject they teach, not I know you motivate and who is able to do will say; that is, the teacher is the person who is best able to motivate their students; so you motíveles.

They do not understand the concept to learn it. By all teaching manuals and study first thing a student is recommended is to understand the concept; because if that is the first step done give it to them. The support materials, new technologies and knowledge of our own students will facilitate this work. Do not strive to learn in 50 minutes of class what you have cost him several days, experience and reflection.

It gives guidelines to learn the concept. This is what a good teacher can do. Teaching methodologies, learning paradigms, their own "little book" and knowledge of their students are the keys to give these guidelines. Educational innovation helps to personalize increasingly these guidelines even set different guidelines for different students in the same class.

Taught to apply the concept. In some contexts this is called form skills and abilities; in others, meaningful learning; but in many cases, simply look for problems, practices and examples close to the student.

Like all cotton test is easy to do and immediate is checking the result, but if the cotton is stained How to remove stains?

Well, that's what they do good teachers that it is not stain!