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How Courtney uses Geddit to make sure all students are on track

Courtney York - Math at Notre Dame High School - Belmont, California

When I want to check for understanding I prompt the students to ‘check-in’ with Geddit. We might do this five times throughout the lesson - such as just after a group problem on the board, or before students move on to individual work. I also set questions through Geddit, so that my students can test themselves and receive immediate feedback - this helps them reflect a more accurate ‘check-in’.

With this real-time, private feedback I know exactly who require my immediate attention and why. The questions let me see actual evidence of understanding against student confidence which is valuable when intervening.

I reflect on each lesson through Geddit which lets me identify students at risk. If need be I can email them immediately after class to schedule a 10min catch up time. I usually try and see them the next morning, before class, to get them back on track!

How Mark uses Geddit to teach metacognitive skills

Mark Lederer - Psycology at Bishop O'Dowd High School - Oakland, California

I use Geddit to help students to gauge their levels of confidence in meeting lesson objectives while at the same time teaching students essential skills of active self-reflection in the learning process.

Geddit introduces a paradigm shift in educational technology in which students are given an essential tool to provide and document ongoing feedback about their own learning process. In my experience, educational technology has primarily been designed and utilized as a content delivery system.

Geddit is a feedback system that not only empowers students to actively engage in building a relationship with the instructor through the use of technology but also teaches essential metacognitive skills in which students learn to reflect on their own inner experience of learning. Students can be taught to engage in epistemological reflection and can have a record of their own learning process throughout the course of a lesson.

I highly recommend this tool for any teacher who is passionate about teaching metacognitive skills and who is interested in increasing student engagement in using technology in the classroom.

How Rebecca uses Geddit to pace her class

Rebecca Girard - Science at Notre Dame High School - Belmont, California

My students are not always open to sharing how they feel about the content. I found myself asking questions like:

  • Are the students understanding what I am teaching?
  • Which students are getting it? Which students are not getting it?
  • How much time do I need to spend on a topic?
  • Does silence mean, “yes, I get it?” or “I’m overwhelmed and lost?”

With Geddit I have found my students to be very expressive. It engages them and provides the opportunity for formative feedback throughout a lesson. I am able to make decisions about the progress of my lesson in real time. I know when to slow down or give another example and I know when they comfortable and ready to move on.

I was overwhelmed by my students’ positive response to this tool and how the tool enhanced their focus and confidence.

How Meghan used Geddit to empower her students

Meghan Johann - 6th Grade at Nelda Mundy Elementary School - Fairfield, California

Currently, we use a mix of Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones. Geddit works on all these devices and with no download or installation required it was easy to get started.

I used Geddit in a grammar lesson on subject/verb agreement with compound subjects, which is normally pretty dry. I started with a Geddit question to check for understanding from our previous lesson. After some note taking, I asked the students to ‘check-in’ with Geddit. The kids seemed to really like having that break to check-in as it is interactive and personal. The kids felt that having their responses anonymous, but still receiving immediate feedback was a great element of the app.

From my perspective, having the immediate data was awesome. Very easy to read and well organized. I could instantly see who needed help or how I could pull small groups for intervention. It was great seeing their names right there and the check-in responses were available instantaneously. I also like the fact that I can make responding "mandatory," which is sometimes impossible with choral responses. Next week I plan create Geddit questions for the end of the lesson as a "mini-quiz". There are so many possibilities.

How Geddit has changed the way Jean-J collects data and his students view exit slips

Jean-Jacques Tetu - Science at Mount Si High School - Snoqualmie, Washington

This tool changed my attitude towards exit slips and learning targets. Instead of making exit slips a long and tedious affair, it becomes more of a game - I can figure out how my students are feeling about a learning target at any given time, in real time. It's easy to get started, with very little technical ability needed, but also very customizable.

I can't recommend it enough. In addition, it's perfect for those of us required to collect student data over and over again for our new evaluations, such as in Washington State.

How Chris uses Geddit to see evidence of understanding

Christopher Bell - Math and CS at Gunn High - Palo Alto, California

I have been using this tool daily in my class for a couple of weeks now. I have found it to be an essential piece in our daily routine. It is extremely quick and easy to integrate into your existing lessons and it provides immediate, useful information on how the students are feeling about the material. Adding questions in the moment or making questions ahead of time lets me see if the students are learning the material in a fast and meaningful way.

I will definitely be recommending it to many more teachers and I think everyone should try it with their students.

How Donna used Geddit with principals at her district PD

Donna Teuber - Team Leader for Technology Integration @ Richland School District Two - Columbia, South Carolina

We've been sharing Geddit with teachers and school support in our sessions on formative assessment. I used Geddit with twenty principals to model how Geddit can provide teachers with instant feedback throughout a lesson. Geddit worked well during my presentation, and we're seeing teachers begin to use Geddit on a regular basis.

Geddit is easy to use and can run on any device. Teachers can also add questions to get more specific feedback.