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Introduce Geddit to your students

Get your class started in 2 minutes.

1. Students create a Geddit account

From students can sign up using either an:

2. Share your unique class code

When you create a 'New Class' you will be able to 'Add Students' by sharing the unique class code.

Share this code with your students by writing it up on the board, emailing it out or displaying it via your projector.

Once a student joins, they will not need to use the code again.

3. Explain the Geddit 'Check-In'

Tell students that when you want to check for understanding you will ask that they 'Check in' through Geddit - more information on how to 'Check in' can be found.

They will be able to make a check-in as soon as you start a new Geddit lesson.

Take a moment to establish the meaning of each confidence level. We recommend the descriptions pictured here.

Download this as a PDF poster for your classroom.

4. Show your students the 'teacher' side of Geddit

This helps students understand how you'll respond to their check-in. Remind them that usually this is only seen by you. Ask your students to check-in, and show them how their name changes color on your device.

Remind students:

  • Each check-in is private
  • Students aren't graded on their check-in
  • Students can make a check-in at any time

How you see student confidence

5. Ready to go! Use Geddit throughout your lesson.

Naturally, you will want to check for understanding throughout the lesson, do this by verbally asking your students to check-in or answer questions through Geddit.

Use this information to differentate, pace the lesson, form collaborative groups or facilitate peer-to-peer learning.