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Differentiate in real-time

Geddit enables dynamic student grouping and evidence based differnetiation

1. Run a Geddit lesson

You don't have to change anything to use Geddit, we designed it to be used with any lesson.

Simply run Geddit during the lesson and start collecting real-time, emotive student feedback as they participate in your lesson.

Press the "Start teaching" button to run your lesson

2. Check for understanding

Ask your students to check-in through Geddit, they usually make around 5 check-ins per lesson. For more information about how students make a check-in.

"It's good to start the lesson off by asking them to “check-in with Geddit”. While a check-in at the end is a great way to do an exit ticket!" Ms. Courtney York

3. Student feedback

You'll see the confidence of every student is color coded on the teacher screen. This information is private, students can not see their peers' confidence.

Students who select just one bar appear red on your screen, three bars appear green, and students who've selected all five bars are highlighted in blue.

4. Student-driven differentiation

This information will help you to differentiate your class, based on student understanding and confidence.

"I was working with a small group of students when I noticed that David had just checked in 'red' - I quickly asked David to pair up with another student who I knew was confident. By the time I was finished with the small group, David was back on track and had checked in again to reflect this" Justin Mann- Teacher and Founder of Geddit