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Do all my students understand?

Regina lets her teacher know how she's doing by making a 'check-in' with her Geddit bars.

Do students understand

Regina, 9th Grade Student

Geddit, is like, totally private. So I can let my teacher know how I'm doing without, like, anyone else knowing.

Mrs. Norbury, Regina's teacher

With a quick glance I can easily see how all my students are doing at any moment.

  Works on any web-enabled device in the 1:1 classroom

Compare student confidence against understanding

All your favorite question and answer features are built right into Geddit, so now you and your students can check confidence in context.

Check understanding

Instant real-time feedback for easy differentiation

Students develop an accurate understanding of their own learning, while you can identify needs as they occur

Respond to needs and effectively direct your attention
Form collaborative groups based on ability
Facilitate peer-to-peer coaching

Try Geddit in your 1:1 classroom and see the difference for yourself

Support in your classroom


Teacher and Geddit founder Justin Mann is here to help you get started.

[email protected]

Geddit was built in Justin's classroom so he can answer any questions from personal experience.